About Us

Woodstock Energy provides evaluation, design and implementation of building performance-related construction projects in existing multifamily residential, commercial and institutional building in the Greater New York City market.

“Building performance” is a comprehensive whole-building approach to identifying and fixing durability, comfort and energy (resource) efficiency problems in the built environment. It evaluates and improves building systems in context with all systems operating in the building.  Our “whole building” approach integrates equipment, distribution and application elements to improve existing systems and to optimize performance of proposed replacement systems in air transport, building envelope applications and internal space compartmentalization.

Woodstock Energy is a resource to architects, engineers, commissioning agents and facilities managers with requirements to diagnose and correct building performance problems in large buildings.  Our ability to diagnose problems and design/build performance-based solutions can help these professionals resolve persistent or elusive problems in their facilities.

Often the problems present as symptoms or non-specific issues such as:

  • Over-ventilation or under-ventilation of spaces, including freezing pipes, code compliance issues and presence of CO or other contaminants
  • Poor or inconsistent distribution in HVAC ductwork
  • Underperforming air handling equipment
  • Odor transfer among spaces or zones, including environmental tobacco smoke
  • Recurring mold issues, especially where no specific moisture source is present
  • Issues that do not respond to conventional replacement of equipment and controls
  • High energy use, especially for heating and cooling

Solving performance problems in buildings can be complicated by a wide variety of contributing factors, from weather conditions to past renovation and maintenance activity to occupant (and staff) behavior. These factors cannot be effectively integrated into a solution from “as-builts” or existing equipment nameplates. By working with building operations staff and licensed professionals, Woodstock Energy can determine the root cause of the problems and recommend and implement the solution.